At Indomitable Simulation, we approach the intricate world of modelling, simulation and machine learning with a deep sense of respect for the complexities and nuances it entails. We are a team deeply passionate about utilising mathematical and computational methods to assist businesses, non-profits, and government in navigating challenging landscapes.

Our expertise is not simply a list of qualifications, but a tapestry of experiences drawn from various industries, woven together with the common thread of wanting to serve our clients' unique needs with consderation and care. We believe in crafting tailored solutions, not just to meet expectations, but to foster understanding and enhance decision-making processes.

We recognise that every question posed to us is an opportunity for collaboration, a moment to engage with the intricate machinery of industries and institutions, and the lives they impact. From refining production lines to finessing product designs, or broadening strategic perspectives, our goal is to contribute meaningfully to your journey.

Meet The Team

Harry Munro (Founder, CEO)


Harry Munro, CEO and Co-Founder of Indomitable Simulation, brings a grounded approach to leadership as a Chartered Engineer with a robust background in systems modeling and simulation. With degrees from the University of Sussex and Brunel University, Harry has cultivated a career marked by thoughtful innovation and practical application of complex engineering principles.

His engineering journey began at Delphi Technologies and transitioned into a role at Transport for London, where he developed a probabilistic simulation to optimise infrastructure planning. At Improbable Defence, Harry contributed significantly to defense technology, focusing on simulations that enhance strategic military planning. A recent endeavor with Anglo American saw Harry delve into sustainable technology, working on low-emission solutions in heavy industries.

Now, at the helm of Indomitable Simulation, he seeks not only to drive the business forward but also to contribute positively to the planet. Harry's leadership style is underscored by his dedication to his team's success and his active participation in charitable endeavors. His passion for engineering is matched by his love for sports and community, illustrating his belief in a well-rounded approach to both work and life.

Chris Samiullah (Co-Founder, CTO)


Chris is a software engineer, tech lead, and software architect with over a decade of experience. He has led teams at VC-backed, high-growth start-ups and scaled distributed software systems to millions of users. Most recently, Chris led the development of the simulation model cloud platform for the Anglo-American zero-haulage truck fleet.

In previous roles, Chris has led the re-architecting and data engineering of core health record systems for healthtech unicorn Babylon Health. He led the flagship Healthcheck product from prototype to millions of users in over a dozen countries. Chris also has experience working in fintech, having worked at challenger bank Zopa's ML engineering team to build a loan application pipeline that processes and disperses more than GBP 1 billion in consumer loans per year. Earlier in his career, Chris led the IT and digital function for Bupa's clinic startup in mainland China.

Chris teaches over 25,000 software engineers and data scientists via his online courses. His courses focus on modern MLOps, specifically machine learning model deployments, testing and monitoring ML models, as well as web development more broadly.

Chris is a technical conference speaker, hosts a podcast where he interviews some of the top technical course creators on the internet, and also writes a popular technical blog